Projects & Research

Here you can find research projects and such that I have completed both on my own and with a few good peers. This research was taken beyond the classroom, and we chose what we felt were important topics to touch on. I insist that you download our presentations and collaborative papers to get the full scope of the amount of time and effort we put into this research.

Mock IT Consulting

For this project, a few peers and I were given a case study to provide IT consulting for. Check out our presentation: ITConsulting

Microsoft Project 2013

Below is an example of Microsoft Project utilization from both a project of my own and from an exercise I had to complete (link under images).
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.35.34 PM
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.36.49 PM

Cyber-security: SQL Injections and XSS attacks

For this project, we were given the task of stealing cookies from a vulnerable webpage, and then using the page to gain access to user information. This task was essentially a whole demonstration on the exploits found in different computing environments. This was a semester long project for LIS4774, and was one on the most extensive projects I have been a part of. PDFs for our paper, presentation, and my literature review are below.

Paper: 4774 Paper – Iron Giants    Presentation: Security presentation      Lit. Review: bernardlr

Cyber-security: Awareness

After the project above, a peer and I decided to continue our research to find out how aware the general population was of cyber-terrorism and cyber-security. Along with a few others who shared the same interest, we started a group for this class project. We issued a survey to gather quantitative data on the matter, while also developing conclusions based on what we found out. Download for our paper and presentation are below.

Paper: Final Report     Presentation: Final Presentation

IT Help Desk

Help desk positions are great way to build early experience for any IT professional. For this project, a peer and I created an info graph on how we would we run a help desk after being given the circumstance that we were being issued 10 new computers and, would have to use said info graph to justify why we deserve to have them. Download below.

Infograph: Infograph Final

Uncovering Ubuntu

I was in the 8th grade when I had my first experience using any sort of Linux distribution. The platform overall is very lightweight and has great support for older hardware. The most popular distro, by far, is called Ubuntu, and here is a light research paper which gives an overview of what Ubuntu is exactly. PDF below.

Uncovering Ubuntu: Uncovering Ubuntu