Coursework Showcase

This page displays and includes files of some basic, yet important, coursework. Most of this coursework are assignments that were done from scratch and involved critical thinking. For more in-depth, large scale, semester long work that I have done, head over to the Projects & Research page.

Security Exercises

A folder containing a number of completed security related exercises:

Database Management & MySQL




Below are several ERD’s which I constructed after given specific business rules. Under each ERD are download links of either a query file or data dictionary.

DCDB    Project1A     PropertAgreement

               Download: DCDB                                 Download:  N/A                                                 Download: A5 


            SPADB                 LibraryDB

                             Download: SPADB                                                                            Download: LibraryDB



Below is a small Java demo I created. Under the image is a link to a Java project folder containing a small program titled “Word Game”.


Java Word Game:


A folder of HTML work can be found here:

It contains a couple of lightweight “About Me” pages with style sheets, and a page that utilizes jQuery and demonstrates a Login/Registration feature.

Data Analysis and Charts

A sample of data charts made using Tableau Software

Tableau Sample